Adult Courses Case Study – Eden

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Adult Courses Case Study – Eden

Eden is originally from Eritrea and came to the UK in 2014 due to difficulties in her home country. She is now raising her three children here in the UK. Eden participated in both our ESOL and IT Skills courses.

She advised that before joining the IT Skills course she didn’t know how to email more than one person at a time or attach files to emails. This led to difficulties when applying for support. She frequently had to spend a lot of time and effort making an appointment with someone and physically go to their office and see them to get help attaching files to emails and filling out online forms. She joined the ESOL course to build her own confidence in using English and to make it easier to communicate with people.

One of the biggest changes Eden has experienced since joining our classes is how much more involved she is able to be in her children’s education. She feels more capable in helping them with their homework due to her improved English language skills and also feels more comfortable using digital devices to communicate with their teachers and help her children with any computer-based homework.

Eden also explained her growing digital independence, noting that she is now able to fill out forms online on her own and attach documents to emails, saving her a lot of time, money, and effort. Eden told us that she has already told her friends the value she gets out of the courses and has encouraged them to join as well. She has made new friends on the course and it has improved her confidence and brings her happiness. We are very happy to report that Eden is now on an ESOL course at a local college.

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