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We are an Approved Centre for Chartered Institute for IT.

We are excited to be an approved centre for IT, we will be offering ICDL courses which will cost as little as £27 per individual for 12 weeks, it will be taught in class by our qualified lecturer who will also be recommending students to do exams when ready before the 12 weeks. If you

April Holiday Programme 2023

Our April Holiday Programme has ended!  Thank you to all the young people and children who took part, as well as our volunteers who watched over and made sure everything went well.  We have feedback from the participants on how it went and we’ll be reviewing each answer carefully to make each Holiday programme that


Volunteer Spotlight: ESOL & IT Skills for Integration Project

Billy Shaw is one of the first volunteers who came on board for the ESOL & IT Skills for Integration programme with Inclusive Homework Club. Billy started volunteering at the end of session 2 of our IT Skills course and has continued to volunteer for the current session (session 3) of IT Skills. Billy completed

We’ve partnered with Glasgow Clyde College…

We partnered with Glasgow Clyde College to provide an IT Skills course at SCQF level 3, Click2Connect. This course ran from 15 November 2022 to 17 January 2023. This course was for participants with little to no prior experience with computers. Our participants indicated a great benefit from being involved in the class, and our

University Students’ Work Placements and Volunteering

We are offering a work placement to university students, we aim to give 10-12 work placements this year if you commit to working with us for 6 months 2/3 hours/week, contact Firdaus at firdaus@inclusivehwclub.org.uk.  We are also working in partnership with the University of  Glasgow which is continuing to advertise our volunteering positions if you are a

Health walks and Social events 

Health walks and Social events  We planned health walks in partnership with Human Art Nature and Social events for people in the community including our tutors and parents. Again these were very successful and we intend to continue on these health walks to different areas this year. Watch this space! As part of our social

Summer Sports club 22

Summer Sports club 22 Throwback to our indoor/outdoor event we held during the summer of 2022, we were happy to hear such great reviews from parents and the staff who took part. We put so much time and effort into the planning process since this was a new sports project to us intended for many

Multi-Year funding from The National Lottery Community Fund Scotland

We’re ecstatic to announce that we’ve received multi-year funding from The National Lottery Community Fund Scotland to keep our projects going such as the ESOL and IT courses for adults as well as funding for new projects still in the works! We’ve asked some of the tutors and the parents for their children if they

Homework Club returns to southside after receiving grant

Homework Club returns to southside after receiving grant The Glasgow chapter of the Awesome Foundation has awarded the Inclusive Homework Club with a £500 grant to pay for its premises. https://www.glasgowworld.com/education/homework-club-returns-to-southside-after-receiving-grant-3368592

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