Volunteer Spotlight: ESOL & IT Skills for Integration Project

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Volunteer Spotlight: ESOL & IT Skills for Integration Project

Billy Shaw is one of the first volunteers who came on board for the ESOL & IT Skills for Integration programme with Inclusive Homework Club. Billy started volunteering at the end of session 2 of our IT Skills course and has continued to volunteer for the current session (session 3) of IT Skills. Billy completed a degree in Computing Science and worked in IT for nearly 40 years before retiring. For the last 20 years he worked as an IT consultant for many large companies throughout the UK. With this wealth of experience, his help in our IT Skills courses for those just starting to build their computing skills is very valuable. 

Billy’s hobbies include going to the gym regularly, playing golf, painting, and watching Partick Thistle. Billy has also been married for nearly 35 years and has 2 grown children. In fact, it was his wife who encouraged him to come volunteer with us, as she thought he was getting too bored around the house. It turns out she was right that our programme would be a good fit for him as he is enjoying his work with Inclusive Homework Club. He advised that volunteering keeps him active and gives him a sense of purpose. He enjoys working with people and this gives him an opportunity to meet people that he likely would not otherwise have had a chance to meet.

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