Session 6 of our ESOL course begins!

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Session 6 of our ESOL course begins!

On August 30th 2023 we started session 6 of our new ESOL course which runs for 8 consecutive weeks every Wednesday, with a morning and afternoon session. At varied levels of difficulty, the two sessions offer participants the opportunity to ease into the first steps of English-learning journey with our Beginners course, or solidify their existing knowledge in the Elementary class.

A portion of the participants are familiar with the Inclusive Homework Club, as they have participated in previous ESOL classes or completed our IT Skills course. Though continued participation is encouraged to maximise the benefits of the course, we aim to help all participants to the best of our ability, whether they have attended one of our courses for the first time or have been studying with us for longer.

We assist participants in achieving their objectives and becoming more confident in their English skills. The primary reasons that lead people to enrol are the desire to secure a job, helping kids with homework, and expanding their vocabulary to talk easily with native speakers. Most importantly, our participants stress their desire to improve their English skills so they can enrol in college.

While we primarily intend to boost participants’ English speaking, writing, listening and reading skills, we are also aware of the generally positive effect the course has on the participants’ lives. Past participants mention that the course helped them make friends, create a good social network of people within their same nationality, as well as expanding their horizons and make cross-cultural connections. What’s more, the course helps participants become confident and independent outside the classroom as their improved proficiency helps them communicate with teachers, book doctor’s appointments, have an easier time using public transit, and overall be better able to voice their concerns and issues as well as their achievements.

This course is possible because of the generous support of The National Lottery Community Fund with the Scottish Refugee Council and the Glasgow Wellbeing Fund.

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