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Carer’s Week

🎉 Happy Carer’s Week! 🎉 This week, we honor and celebrate the incredible contributions of unpaid carers who tirelessly support their loved ones. Your dedication and compassion make a world of difference. 💖 Let’s raise awareness about the challenges carers face and the vital support they need. Together, we can create a community where every


Vote for Shayan!

If we find ourselves in a difficult situation, it may not be our fault, but if we choose to remain in that situation, it certainly becomes our responsibility. Therefore, to enact change and improve our circumstances, we must refuse to be complacent, demonstrate determination and seriousness, and unite in our efforts. Let’s take the first


Parents Workshop

We have another Parents workshop! The date for our parents’ workshop is set for the 8th of May from 11am-1pm. Keep up to date with our socials for more info! Venue for this event m: Kinning Park Complex, 43 Cornwall Street, Room 1, G41 1BA Glasgow. Contact info@inclusivehwclub.org.uk, contact: Firdaus, 07597 803 976 for any


Paths for All Funding

We are pleased to announce that we’ve been awarded funding from Paths for All , the funds will go directly to our ESOL & IT Courses for Adults! @pathsforall  #TheNationalLotteryCommunityFund #NationalLottery #corraf #robertsonstrust


Students from different areas of Glasgow

Where do our students travel from? We have many children who travel from different parts of Glasgow with the majority of students coming from the G51 area code and the farthest people travel to their sessions is G71. #TheNationalLotteryCommunityFund hashtag#NationalLottery hashtag#corraf hashtag#robertsonstrust

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