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Unseen Pics from the Autumn Programme

Pictures from Linn Park! Here are some more pictures we’ve taken from our most recent Holiday Programme that took place in October, the children visited Linn Park.  The park was huge and we had to walk a lot, we took a break to watch the waterfall before heading to the Linn Park Equestrian Centre where


Autumn Programme

Autumn Holiday Programme is over! For 3 days we’ve brought the children outdoors to enjoy the nature parks and get away from the indoors!On their first day we went to Linn Park where we were walking and playing! We entered a Glasgow Life community Park venue area where we spent the remainder of the time


Autumn Sports Club

We planned another Sports Club! Your children can join in free of charge, on the 17th,18th and 19th of October, 10am-4pm If your child is interested please register! To sign up please submit a separate registration for each of your children using the link or by submitting a form here on this page below: https://forms.office.com/e/Hf5XzNLAU2


We have new opportunities

Check out our Opportunities! We have Adult courses for ESOL & IT, to sign up contact Carly@inclusivehwclub.org.ukVolunteers needed! Apply now at: https://opportunities.volunteerglasgow.org/volunteers/provider-profile/Inclusivehomeworkclub?pid=Or get in touch with info@inclusivehwclub.org.ukWe have a new October Sports programme! To sign up your child visit: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx…For more information about the Sports Programme email: nawaf@inclusivehwclub.org.uk@GlasgowCVS#GlasgowWellbeingFund #community #mentalhealth #funding #wellbeingfacebook.com/ScottishRefugeeCounciltwitter.com/scotrefcouncilfacebook.com/TNLCommunityFundtwitter.com/TNLComFund#scottishrefugeecouncilhttps://scottishrefugeecouncil.org.uk/@tnlcommunityfundtnlcommunityfund.org.uk#TheNationalLotteryCommunityFund#NationalLottery#corrafCorra Foundation#stnicholaschurch#ScottishRefugeeCouncil#GlasgowECOS2023


Week 6

Holiday Sports Programme is now over! Previous image Next image Thanks to all the parents who brough their children to join us with our programme, and a special thanks to our wonderful volunteers who took the time out of their day to assist us. We all had a blast throughout the 6 weeks.  This week


Week 5, our second to last!

Our 5th and penultimate week is over! Previous image Next image On Tuesday we went to Bellahouston park and played on the playgrounds. Wednesday was a trip to Helensburgh beach, it was a pleasant visit, the children all dipped their toes in the water despite the initial hesitation amongst them all. Then the children went


Summer Sports Club for Schoolchildren

Summer Sports Club for Schoolchildren Our Summer Sports Club is for all school aged children and is free. The Club is every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday through 3 August. Each day the children go somewhere different for activities including: playing in the park, bowling, playing tennis, visiting the beach, or riding bikes. Children will also


Week 2 of the Summer Sports Club is done!

Week 2 Previous image Next image This week, we visited the Pollock country park, played in the playgrounds walked around and said hello to some of the friendly wildlife. We went to Kelvingrove park to play some tennis, although most of the children haven’t played tennis before, it was good experience for them and as


Week 1 of Summer Holiday Programme

The first week of the Summer Sports club is done! Previous image Next image The children got to participate in a nature walk at Pollok Country Park, visit the ferry at Largs & go cycling at Glasgow green with Free Wheel North. The Summer Sports Club is just getting started and we’re all excited for

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