Volunteer Spotlight – Kathryn (ESOL)

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Volunteer Spotlight – Kathryn (ESOL)

Kathryn started volunteering as an ESOL Tutor with Inclusive Homework Club in January 2023. She is currently enrolled in a Master’s course in English Language and Linguistics at the University of Glasgow, and has completed the second year of studies.  

Although she had been nurturing her interest in languages both in her personal and academic life, she had never been involved in teaching ESOL classes. Her interest to get involved to volunteer with the Inclusive Homework Club stems from her academic interest in ESOL case studies reviewed in her university course, as well as the desire to get involved and help the diverse Refugee community in Glasgow.  With this wealth of knowledge, her help in our ESOL courses is very valuable and has helped participants gain further confidence in their language skills and daily life.

Kathryn’s hobbies include going to the cinema, going to the gym on a frequent basis, and running the 10k in Glasgow in June this year. Kathryn had a desire to find practical applications of the knowledge she gained in her studies. She found that volunteering as an ESOL tutor gives her a greater sense of purpose, as she can use her knowledge to help people improve their language skills and quality of life.  

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