Vote for Shayan!

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Vote for Shayan!

If we find ourselves in a difficult situation, it may not be our fault, but if we choose to remain in that situation, it certainly becomes our responsibility. Therefore, to enact change and improve our circumstances, we must refuse to be complacent, demonstrate determination and seriousness, and unite in our efforts. Let’s take the first step towards transforming our situation for the better.

As a candidate vying for the role of President of the Student Association at Glasgow Clyde College, I am fully dedicated to instigating positive transformations within our student community. Leveraging my wealth of experience and unwavering resolve, I am committed to fostering stronger bonds, prioritizing the health and well-being of all, and organizing engaging activities that enrich the college experience for everyone.

To vote for Shayan, please click on the following link:

1. Log in to the college portal using your student number and password. (Only students are eligible to vote for their preferred candidate.)

2. Navigate to the president section if Shayan’s name is not already there.

3. Select my name (Shayan).

4. Click on the ‘Vote’ button at the bottom of the page.

Get ready to participate in an exciting program organized by the Student Association!

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#YouCan #WeCan #GlasgowClydeCollege #Shayan

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